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The Daddy of Testimonials:
Natural Fertility & Tinnitus

Dr. Dolopo has changed my life and my wife's life!  


We originally sought out Dr. Dolopo's services at Elements in Harmony Acupuncture to specifically try the Balance Method after hearing positive reviews.  

Admittedly I was skeptical since I had experienced a good amount of different types of acupuncture in the past with little results, but my wife Jennie was desperate for help and after enduring a couple of miscarriages we were unsatisfied with Western healthcare options and recommendations.  

After consulting with Dr. Dolopo on a recommended course of treatment we saw a tremendous turnaround with our health both physically and mentally.  

Fast forward, we are now the proud parents of three beautiful healthy boys 2, 5, and 8.  

Not only was Dr. Dolopo able to help us sustain pregnancy, but my wife's monthly cycle completely changed. Mood swings gone, cramping and lethargy gone.  


Dr. Dolopo also completely healed my tinnitus (sounds/ringing in the ear). Two sessions resolved it and it left for 2 years. Tinnitus came back and I had one more session and now it's been 8 years with no signs of tinnitus.  


I'm sure for many the idea of falling asleep for 45 minutes to an hour and a half with acupuncture needles in is a little intimidating, but just one session will show anyone it is a very relaxing and incredibly restorative, and energizing experience.  


I am forever grateful to Dr. Dolpo and her services. She has truly blessed our lives.

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