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Complete Placenta Previa

On July 9, 2019, my patient who is 39 weeks pregnant informed me that after 5 treatments, I cleared her complete placenta previa.


***The video linked here at the bottom is a DIFFERENT CASE.***

Her OB was amazed. I wasn't. I have a 98%+ success rate with complete pp, marginal placenta previa, and low lying placenta issues.

The dates of this mommy's treatments were:

April 20, 2019
April 23
April 29
May 14
May 23

30%+ of my patients DAILY are pregnant women, many of whom are considered by their physicians to be "high risk pregnancies." I am happy to state that much of my work using The Balance Method Acupuncture corrects the "high risk issue," and these mommies are able to have their vaginal births, and many of them are home births. Their obstetricians give them the okay in the hospital to deliver vaginally (many of them naturally) or give the mommies' respective midwives the okay to deliver babies in their families' homes.

My 86th video was on a different case of complete placenta previa.

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