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Pregnancy Care

Lauren H.
Ladera Ranch, CA

5.0 star rating

I came to Anna when I was 15 weeks pregnant to help with several pregnancy related issues (fatigue, heartburn, tailbone pain, etc...) and also to help me be in the healthiest place possible for my child. The pregnancy caught me by surprise so I was concerned that my less than optimal health would affect my baby.


I worked closely with Anna throughout my pregnancy and her treatments helped me feel vibrant and keep my discomforts at bay. She also focused her treatments on helping me grow a healthy, strong baby. Now that my son is here, I hear over and over from friends and relatives about how strong he is and how healthy he looks. In addition, Anna's encouragement and cheerful attitude were a huge emotional support to me during what was at times a lonely period in my life.


My mom had passed away recently and I had just moved to the area. I was feeling a bit isolated and was lacking support from other women. Anna, being the naturally genuine, kindhearted person that she is, planned a baby shower for me and rounded up all her female friends and colleagues to help offer their support. I was really touched that Anna, after only knowing me for such a short time, would do something so generous.

I recently started attending her Healthy Happy Life Seminars. It's been interesting to learn from a Chinese Medicine perspective how my emotions and the events in my life tie in with my health. I realize now why certain physical symptoms started after major events in my life. She focuses on how our fears prevent us from achieving what we want from life and the importance of self worth.

In summary, Anna is a warm, cheerful person. She is a practitioner that is truly committed to your total wellbeing.

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