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Arm, Anxiety, Carpal Tunnel,
Kidney Function, Low Back, Neck

Yelp 267+

John W P.

SoMa, San Francisco, CA

5 Stars


I was experiencing chronic neck and arm pain when I was referred to Anna in 2017 by a friend.

I work on a computer and it was difficult for me to complete a day as my arm was throbbing so much. I had attempted treatment with an orthopedic doctor and it was down to surgery or pain management for treatment options.

After seeing Anna 2 times a week for a month, the condition was under control and I continue to work to this day.

Since then I have seen her for low back pain, carpal tunnel, poor kidney function, anxiety and occasional re-treatment for the neck issue.

Anna is very personable and confident. When I describe the pain and location she develops a treatment plan quickly and if I stick to it, I see the results.

I really enjoy the fact that when I go see Anna I get immediate treatment and symptomatic relief instead of a long wait for a diagnosis.

Anna has been a great find for me.

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