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Margaret B.
Dana Point, CA
5 Stars

I've been seeing Anna since the October, 2015 for a very severe menopausal hot flashes.

Almost three years ago I stopped taking Bio-identical Hormones because I had a feeling that by relying so heavily on them always increasing dosages, my body was stopping to produce its own hormones. I tried to deal with the hot flashes myself by taking different supplements, herbs, homeopathy, etc., but it was getting worse. I was getting drenched with sweat and heat every 30-40 min, and then right after this I was shivering with cold. I couldn't wear anything heavier than tank tops, jeans, and a light sweater that was constantly on and off, because by that time I actually felt like there is an internal sauna inside me with additional, severe hot flashes on top of it. I couldn't wear any makeup (even the lightest one) because everything was just melting off my face. I couldn't wear my hair down, because even this felt too hot for me. I always had to have a fan in my purse or somewhere near me and a small spray bottle with water. The hot flashes were terribly interfering with my life. I stopped going out and was barely socializing because I was always feeling tragically uncomfortable. I just couldn't function well anymore.
I knew I had to do something, and I wanted it to be in a natural way. So, I found Anna through the internet and my healing journey started.

After the very first treatment, I woke up in the morning without one drop of sweat on my body or the bed sheets. It was heaven!!! MY HOT FLASHES WERE REDUCED TO 50% --- AFTER THE FIRST TREATMENT!!! Needless to say, I was sold. Now there is only 5% left to completion-- I am extremely pleased with the results :)

Anna is simply amazing. The Balance Method she has mastered is different from other acupuncture styles, and I actually love that I don't have to undress for the treatment, because this method calls for using needles in arms/ hands (from elbow down), and legs from knees down -- wow!

I love coming to Anna's clinic. It's so peaceful there. Anna herself has a lovely and sweet personality, always treating her patients with great care and devotion. It's so obvious, she loves what she's doing.

What an amazing, highly skilled and gifted Acupuncture Physician Anna is!!!

I'm so grateful and happy I found her. I only wish I'd come sooner!

Thank you, Anna!

On a side note; ever since I started treatments with Anna, I stopped losing my hair -- I would say about 90% :)


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