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Yelp #174
(patient is a western health care practitioner)

Eric D.
Irvine, CA

5.0 star rating 

(Using my husbands yelp account) I started seeing Anna after suffering from unrelenting headaches for close to a year. This was following consults by family practice, neuro, MRI, X-ray, the works. The source of pain to be unidentified. A dear co-worker of mine recommended Anna and I saw her right away.


Anna is candid and frank about maximizing your time and money. Focus on high return on investment which I thoroughly appreciated. I jumped in headfirst with pain of 7/10 and significantly affecting quality of life. Often after treatment I would see pain worsen by 12 hours then dramatically improve. If I could get to Anna twice a week my pain would hover 2-3/10- a dramatic improvement and I was able to function.


As we worked through some possible underlying causes, I noticed additional changes. My periods regulated. Something I had struggled with since adolescence. My blood sugars regulated, my hormones regulated, my PCOS became manageable. As I continued to see Anna, I started to ovulate. By month 8 of acupuncture I was pregnant with our 3rd. I was worried I would have to go on medication again to conceive and it happened while addressing other concerns. While the pregnancy was deemed high risk (fetal ultrasound findings, placental function, preterm contractions) Anna offered reassurance and encouragement. Reminding me that pregnant patients of hers thrive and go on to deliver strong, healthy babies.


I continued to see Anna throughout pregnancy for general well being and headache management. I ramped up treatment near the end of pregnancy, especially near my due date. I had very traumatic deliveries prior and was desperate to at least be in a better place mentally prior to delivery. Needless to say, less than 48 hours after my most recent treatment, I went into spontaneous labor fast and furious. We barely made it to the hospital even. There was no time for IV or epidural, which is exactly as I wanted it. No intervention if possible. It was hardly an easy delivery, but it was swift. You can't ask for much more than that. My biggest baby yet, came screaming into the world, a huge, enormous relief and blessing.


I truly wouldn't have managed the stress of this pregnancy, concerns and PTSD from past deliveries without the help from Anna. This delivery helped to sooth past wounds and trauma from prior labor experiences. I was able to focus and (mostly) keep my cool during the most intense parts of labor and the actual delivery.


I would 100% recommend Anna for a myriad of concerns and struggles. She eased my headache pain and helped not only grow but bring another life into my precious family's world. We are eternally grateful. Anna will always have a special place in our hearts and lives. I truly look forward to getting back into treatments once this little one is a bit older and if you've stumbled across her and her practice, you are blessed indeed.

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