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Natural Fertility & Pregnancy Care
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Renee E.

Mission Viejo, CA

5 Stars


After a year of trying to get pregnant, I decided to try acupuncture.


I found Anna on Yelp and she had great reviews so I reached out to her.


I started seeing Anna in January 2019 and my treatments were once a week for 2 hours per session. She always said the longer, the better.


In September 2019, I got a positive pregnancy test.


After that, I increased my treatments to 2-3 times per week.


I nearly had a symptom free pregnancy. I got occasional headaches and told Anna to treat me and after the next treatment, they were gone. I couldn't believe it.


I highly recommend Anna for fertility treatment. She has done so much for me. She's really caring, made me feel so comfortable and I can't imagine anyone else to get me where I am today.


I'm currently 26 weeks with a due date at the end of May. My pregnancy has been great and my baby is strong.


I'm coming back for Anna's treatment when planning for baby #2.

To all the future Mama's out there, just stick with it. It really works. :)

(Anna Dolopo's note: I guaratee 45 minutes with the acupuncture needles. If I don't need the table or recliner, you are welcome to stay longer.)

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