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This photo was taken from Brad Tedeschi's website.

Brad is the real deal. 

I thought for many years that I was the dog whisperer. I rescued quite a few dogs, including aggressive dogs that I was able to transform. I showed AKC Staffordshire Bullterriers and championed 2 of them in 8 years. My third Staffie earned the highest grade in the 3rd tier of being a Delta Certified Therapy Dog. "I've never given the highest grade the first time to any dog." That dog did amazing things that so many dogs were unable to do; she was to remain calm under the most stressful situations off leash. Then came Bishop. He came into our lives at 22 months old. He was the nephew of Jeannie, one of my AKC Champions, so I had to have him because she had died in 2008. I bought a house, so that I can have 2 dogs. That's how much I needed to have this pup. 

We had a really good relationship for 5 months. Like my other Staffies, I took him everywhere. Then I left for less than 2 weeks to Taiwan. I came home and he was no longer my sweet dog. He was 3 years old. I hired 3 dog trainers. All of my 8+ years of dog training, working with my Certified Therapy Dog (at my own healing center), watching 1-5 hours a day of Cesar Milan - none of that mattered. I was at a loss. These 3 dog trainers with different modalities did not change my situation. I had an aggressive dog who didn't like humans or dogs. It was painful. I could not take him anywhere. I used a harness with 2 leashes, one for the front and one for the rear. I used a soft choke collar that typically worked with my other dogs. I used a muzzle. He was the best kept secret in our home. When Bishop met Brad, he was shy of being 9 years old. 3 hours after Brad trained ME and we went to my healing center, most of my patients were surprised that I had a second dog. They heard so much about Pikachu, met her, and mourned with me when she crossed Rainbow Bridge in August. Not until October 2022 did some long-term clients finally see Bishop. 

98% better. Brad trained me for 1.5 hours and the magic was shown in the last half hour. The tools he used are indispensable. When people ask, "What did he do for that much money to fix your dog?" I basically tell them that I had to be trained correctly. When we walked into dog park off leash, I was quietly in tears. 

We're not at 100%, but we're at a good 95%-98%. The night he trained me, I took Bishop to Irvine Spectrum. We hung out for over an hour. He sat calmly at Starbucks patio. He had to be addressed 2 times at a level 1 (out of 10). My kids were surprised that he didn't fire at any dogs while we walked. He didn't growl at anyone. Like night and day, this dog was transformed. 

Since several weeks ago when we worked with Brad, the REAL DOG GURU, Bishop has gone to dog park multiple times. I know how to behave. I know how to show him who is the true pack leader. I am empowered and I am not scared to be around other dogs. I have taken so many photos of Bishop sniffing other dogs, playing like a normal dog, walking like a normal dog, and let me tell you, the investment for 2 hours was worth its weight in gold. I have essentially paid for a calm dog who now knows he doesn't have to protect me. I spent hundreds of dollars each time with 3 different dog trainers for multiple sessions. I wasted time, money and patience before meeting Brad. I lost the years from age 3 to almost 9. For almost 6 years, Bishop was a recluse. I'm sad about that, but I can't take back time. Honestly, we need to close Brad, so his methodology can live on forever. Your investment is for his time, not for the # of dogs he needs to train. Remember, he is training YOU, so please be teachable. 

The person who referred me to Brad is my client. She had an ulcer due to the issues regarding her canines. She told me her story and it sounded like mine - having to walk away from other dogs and people. I had letters from the HOA for my dog. Now, I have a dog who is not the same and the whispers I hear are,  "What a well-trained dog." That started the NIGHT I met Brad. I worked with him at 10:00 am. I had a new relationship with my dog at noon. 

I shared my entire story here in case anyone here is suffering like I did. It is incredibly painful to not be able to go to dog park. For years, Bishop had to go to a solo dog park section. People were afraid of us. The last time we went somewhere was Christmas caroling for my daughter's violin concert and he fired on every dog. So many people talked amongst themselves that I should have left my pitbull home. I felt so sad. That was December 2021. October 2022, I have a different dog. I am a different person. He just celebrated 9 years old last week. "You can teach an old dog new tricks," and I'm talking about ME. 

Give your dog a chance. Don't waste your money on any other dog trainer. While Brad is still doing this, I suggest you hire him. He's the best on the planet and we are all lucky that he is in Orange County, California.

bishop with brad.jpeg
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