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Back Pain

Lorelei S.
Laguna Beach, CA

5 Star



If I could give more than five stars I would.

Anna is an exceptional and skilled acupuncturist.  


I last saw Anna for back problems which I know is from the epidural I received from my c-section.  I couldn't lay flat without my back spasming painfully on me.  


She used an intense treatment and did what she could in one treatment - I have twin infants so I don't have much time to get away.  After the treatment my back was still a little sore as she told me would be the possibility; HOWEVER, that night I was able to sleep on my back which was something I could not do since the babies were born.  


It was the greatest feeling to not have to be propped up.

What also makes Anna special is she truly cares for her patients.  She has always taken the extra time (when she can) to listen.  I've never felt rushed with her.  She is so easy to talk to she makes you feel like a friend whom you haven't seen for years.

Anna is a master of her trade and I definitely recommend her.

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