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Immune System Support

Deborah B.

Laguna Hills, CA



Hi Anna,

You're so much more than an acupuncturist because of times when you've invited me (and my dog) in for an herbal consultation, a nice cup of mint tea, delicious lemon cake and just plain good ol' conversation.


And when I find myself sick (which we both know happens quite often because of my terrible immune system and too many crazy nights out), you are there for me in every way.


Of course there's the usual acupuncture treatment that kicks in within a day, then there's the herbs that cover what acupuncture couldn't...but beyond that, there's your support.

I certainly don't know many other health professionals that would take such good care of me when I'm ill, but then again, I wouldn't just consider you a health professional. I would consider you a friend.

You're fabulous!



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