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jaundice case study

This pseudo-case study was posted on facebook in 2015. 
the issue was resolved in less than one month.

A 33-year old male patient came in for his first acupuncture treatment on January 15, 2015.   He presented with severe jaundice since October 6, 2014 due to use of anabolic steroids.  Before he completed the cycle, he started having jaundice, insomnia and itching.  The patient's doctors informed him that it would take about a year for his health to go back to normal.

The patient's other symptoms related to the jaundice were loose stool, anal itching and hemorrhoids.  He changed his diet, as anything greasy would aggravate all of his symptoms.  His bilirubin count was 30.  At its worst, it was over 35.  It should be under 1.  

During the first patient's treatment, he slept the entire time.  

He received his follow up treatments on 1/19 and 1/27.  

Today was his 4th acupuncture treatment with me.  I use Dr. Tan's Balance Method Acupuncture. 

The bilirubin count is now 6.  His jaundice is, at least, 80% improved.  Last night, he slept for 9 hours.  The patient claims that he has been sleeping like normal for the past 1-2 weeks.  His itching is significantly improved.  

I only see a little yellow in his eyes now.  His skin is SLIGHTLY jaundiced.  The patient's main physician for his jaundice issue is GREATLY impressed.  He doesn't know that it is because of the acupuncture.  I requested that the patient reveal that the treatments have been helping him improve in LESS THAN ONE month.  

This patient found me on YouTube due to a video that I posted specifically for JAUNDICE.  You can find it on my old YouTube channel:


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