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IVF 41 years young
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Testimonial: Fertility & Hearing/Tinnitus


(Mommy and daddy became parents the moment they fully committed to Dr. Dolopo's protocol!)

This review is long overdue. Hands down, I highly recommend Dr. Dolopo; she is a NATURAL HEALER.

My husband and I were trying to conceive for over 10 years; we had what they call unexplained infertility. I started to see Dr. Dolopo seriously in 2019; she recommended 6-12 months with my history. With only a few treatments, she regulated my menstrual cycle and literally minimized to almost 0 menstrual symptoms. I no longer had very painful cramps, did not feel as bloated, and was not very moody like I usually get.

After about 6 months of treatment, my husband and I decided to do IVF, we were unsuccessful on our 1st transfer, but had a successful 2nd transfer in January 2022, and at the age of 41 we had a baby girl in October 2022.

I am literally overjoyed and grateful for all that Dr. Dolopo has done and helped us with getting pregnant. She helped us in our fertility journey tremendously. I believe she is part of the reason we were able to have a successful transfer. Not only did her treatments help me with fertility, but also during my pregnancy. I saw her throughout my pregnancy and ultimately had minimal pregnancy symptoms. I didn't have any pregnancy complications either. She has a protocol to follow and it's important to follow; she's helped so many others get pregnant; it works for a reason.

My husband also got treated by her for fertility. He also has tinnitus from the military; I remember he told me one time that he told her he was having some issues with that, and after a treatment with her: he told me it really helped his hearing.

What I love about Dr. Dolopo is not only does she do treatment, but she also talks to you and makes you feel comfortable. She explains and helps you to understand certain things and how to get into the right mindset. I highly recommend you to join her Happy Club; it helps for mindset and I learned so much from her. She has helped me so much to understand how much our hormones are affected by how we operate in our daily lives. I am a true believer in Dr. Dolopo and her ability to help you in your fertility journey or whatever pain you may be feeling. I am awed with her other patients' stories and how she has healed them. She is amazing at what she does!!! We are so grateful and now our baby girl is 3 months old; so happy, healthy, and strong.

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