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Natural Preparation for Birth


I came to see Anna because I was pregnant and my baby was not ready to come into the world on the timeline expected by the medical community. I was stressed out and worried that my window to give birth in a manner that we envisioned for my baby would be closed if he didn’t come soon.


The second I walked into Anna’s place, I felt I was in safe hands. She was so encouraging and warm and most importantly, she was very competent. She made sure I had a space despite my last-minute call for an appointment. She allowed me to sit as long as I wanted to and allow her therapy to work.


Her efforts helped me go into labor before the 42 week mark and we are now happy parents of a baby boy who is very happy and healthy.


We are thankful for knowing Anna and having her help when we needed her the most. Thank You!


Roshy Sosin

(Full name and photo given for use by patient.)


Roshy baby Doran-Monty-2.jpg
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