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Fertility, Pregnancy Care, Preparation for Birth

As of March 2024, Dr. Dolopo & our EIH Healing Team are grateful to share

308+ Yelps, 21 Google reviews & MANY Testimonials. 

We are grateful to be of service to SoCal since 1999!

Dr. Dolopo's 6 month and 12 month fertility programs are available. 

Ask for details.

Scroll down to see SOME of our babies' photos.

For Natural:
1. No Medical Diagnosis: 6-12 CYCLES
2. Medical Diagnosis or 1 Miscarriage: 12-18 CYCLES
3. 2+ Miscarriages or Severe Medical Diagnosis: 2-3 years - If you have any failed IUI or failed IVF, I request 2-3 years. 
For IVF: 2x a week until transfer = 6 months

I strongly recommend 6 months instead of 3 months (not as high of success rate if you do 3 months).
Or 3 months MINIMUM prior to retrieval (3x a week) and then 3 times a week prior to transfer
During the month of your IVF - prior to retrieval and prior to transfer: 3+ times a week

For IUI: 2+ times a week = 6 months

I strongly recommend 6 months instead of 3 months (not as high of success rate if you do 3 months).

3x a week = 3 months
For 30 days prior to your IUI and until you find out your pregnancy results: 3+ times a week


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fertility anticipation-picture-id1136927

New photos are posted from bottom. 

Please scroll down to see more of Dr. Dolopo's beautiful, healthy babies. 

landon connor.jpeg
photo 2.jpeg
betty 2 L1008967e.jpeg
betty L1009112e.jpeg
keith and rex betty L1002706.jpeg
Screenshot 2021-12-07 at 9.29.20 PM.jpeg
jessica 1.jpg
collin 1.jpg
elysia baby nicholas.jpeg
holly mesa baby B5FE99F8-B700-4A1A-B711-F474378F6F48.JPG
heather baby.jpeg
becky baby.jpeg
betty's baby.jpg
sara steuart's baby.jpeg
sara steuart baby.jpg
holly mesa E2AEEA73-B622-47DD-94EE-D644F3DB431E.jpeg
erin IMG_0354.HEIC
erin IMG_7139.heic
erin IMG_8233.heic
kim's daughter vbac.jpeg
jennifer IMG_3834.jpeg
tammy tran photo_2022-04-09 21.51.25.jpeg
hanhi photo_2022-04-09 22.50.00.jpeg
avery photo_2022-04-07 20.49.58.jpeg
maya photo_2022-04-11 20.00.26.jpeg
maya and mommy photo_2022-04-11 20.00.22.jpeg
landon 6 months.jpeg
landon 6 months1.jpeg
tiffany's baby.jpeg
sara and kids 1.jpeg
sara and kids.jpeg
renee eberle IMG_9214.jpeg
dorothea 4.jpeg
dorothea 2.jpeg
dorothea baby.jpeg
dorothea 3.jpeg
dorothea 1.jpeg
nicole mcneil baby IMG_1175.jpeg
kit baby IMG_7802.heic
kit infant IMG_8266.heic
kit's daughters IMG_2630.heic
kit and daughters IMG_8680.heic
kit baby pregnant IMG_7751.heic
nicole bachanas .jpeg
stephanie sosa baby photo2023-12-25 09.53.41.jpg
stephanie sosa baby 1 year IMG_6911.jpeg
mike habbas and jude sawalhas baby .jpeg
mia sawalha habbas IMG_2462.heic
Fertility Circle_JOY3252.jpg
parents group fertility circle and babies 2024_JOY3372.jpg
natosha navarro baby_JOY3379.jpg
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