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Pregnancy Care
Home Birth After Cesarean


(Lindsey has been a midwife for a few years now.)

***30%+ of my patients are pregnant women.  I owe it to Lindsey for having sent me so many pregnancy cases, some of which have been considered "high-risk" pregnancies since 2004.  I am so grateful for your trust, Linz.  Love you.***

To any future pregnant client of Anna,


Being a Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Consultant & Student Midwife, I knew that I would start acupuncture at the beginning of my pregnancy & throughout because of the positive effect I had seen it have on my clients.


I started seeing Anna at 10 weeks of my 2nd pregnancy to help my morning sickness subside, it helped it tremendously and I felt I was able to start feeling like myself again. I was blessed enough to continue on with acupuncture treatments throughout the rest of my pregnancy every week to alleviate any discomforts of pregnancy, while strengthening my body in preparation for my birth experience.


This birth experience was so important to me and I knew that if I wanted to do everything I could to make my body strong and in harmony, acupuncture had to be one of the key elements.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I started seeing Anna twice a week, and on July 22nd I received my last treatment before I gave birth to my son less than 24 hours later.


I achieved a beautiful HBAC (Home Birth after a Cesarean) and gave birth to my son River in our jacuzzi in our backyard under the stars. I am truly SO grateful for Anna and the help that she provided me with! I would (& do) recommend her to EVERYONE! :)

In Love,

Lindsey Meehleis

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