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Dancing is amazing for your health!

Dance your heart out.

Research study
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Dr. Dolopo is in the Hizzouse!

Dance for Health:
An Intergenerational Program to Increase Access to Physical Activity

"Results: From 2012-2016, 521 participants ranging from 2-79 years attended Dance for Health. Approximately 50% of children and 80% of adults achieved target heart rate. Achievement of target heart rate was not related to perceived exertion, though it was related to pedometer steps in adults. All participants rated the program highly for enjoyment. There was no change in adiposity.

Conclusions: Dance for Health demonstrated high levels of community engagement and enjoyment. It led to adequate levels of exertion, particularly for adults. Our evaluation can inform program refinement and future intergenerational physical activity programs.

Practice implications: Dance is an enjoyable, culturally appropriate, low cost method for increasing access to physical activity for children and families."

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