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Wrist Pain
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Yinny J.
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This is my second review - kind of an update. I went to see Anna after being in continued pain and discomfort on both of my wrists for about two and a half months. My wrists were so weak that I could not click the spring-loaded ballpoint pen, turn a key or open the spout of a shaker cup. Brushing my hair was completely out of question, unfortunately. Yes, I was the crazy girl with the wet frizzy hair.

After the first session with Anna, I had the first night of pain-free sleep. I saw Anna everyday for about two weeks during which time, my wrists condition improved by about 85%. For the subsequent two weeks, I saw Anna every other day, during which time, the functionality and strength of my wrists have improved to about 98%.

I want to add that the fast improvement is on top of (or should I say "despite"?) the heavy weight training (to give you an idea, Benchpress: 135 lbs; Deadlift: 165 lbs; Countless widegrip pullups) everyday and kickboxing at least twice a week. The treatments with Anna allowed me to continue training - to continue to engage in the passion in my life.


Two days ago (19 treatments so far), I got happily emotional during my workout as I realized I had not felt any pain at all during my weight training. Anna had also added some complementary "balancing" which strengthened my whole body, giving more strength to my left knee that was buckling and more stability to the right side that was less stable when it came to balancing.


Being treated by Anna is not just about the body. Of course a big part of it is the energy - Qi - but what I value very much is also learning from Anna. I appreciate her so much for her continued effort to improve her life and the lives of others. She is such a positive, grounded person; a healer, a friend and a teacher in life.

Do see Anna; give your body and yourself a big love. One thing I want to emphasize is that you must be in it completely. Be proactive and do your part. Make an appointment, be on time, and when you are there, BE THERE, which means completely relax, let all the outside business outside the door and focus on healing yourself with positive thoughts.


Be aggressive and believe that you will be healed. And of course, let Anna do the magic.


Thank you, Anna, for my princess time whenever I am there. There is no other word that would describe each treatment better than "bliss."

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