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Documents for Patients

 Please do this paperwork before your appointment.  This paperwork was also emailed to you. Thank you for your time, wonderful energy and positive attitude!

Please watch this video, so that you understand what to expect from our work together. Thank you.


First document: 


Please click on my photo below to download the document.

Second document: 

5 Elements Symptoms. Please check off any issues that you've been experiencing in the past month.

Third document: 

Only for women. If you are a woman of any age, please download this document.

Fourth document: 

Consent to treat & Arbitration


Fifth document: 


Sixth document: 

Cancellation Policy

Seventh document: 

Male Anatomy Photo. Please circle any areas of pain, numbness or health issues.

Eighth document: 

Female Anatomy Photo. Please circle any areas of pain, numbness or health issues.












Ninth document: 

Community Blankets


Thank you so much for contacting me regarding my services as  a Chinese medical practitioner.  PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE DOCUMENT THOROUGHLY.  


 ***See you at your time.  No need to come earlier.  Please do your best to have your paperwork done prior to your appointment. Thank you.***


My address is: 23151 Verdugo Dr., Ste. 114, Laguna Hills 92653

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS. Your GPS may not lead you directly to my office. 

I am 5 minutes off the freeway.

From the 5 freeway, exit Lake Forest and head west.   Get on your left lane immediately. Turn left on Del Lago (if you turn right, the name of the street is “Research.”)  If you hit Moulton/Irvine Center Dr., you’ve gone too far.    Turn right on your first stop sign at La Cadena.  La Cadena turns into Verdugo as it curves left.   When you are driving on Verdugo, you’ll see the first building to the right that is facing the street. It’s a grayish/tannish building.  The trees are covering the building number 23151.   Turn right into the parking lot AFTER this first building.  

There are 2 entrances.  Please enter from the front of the building, which  is where the main parking lot is.  If you go towards the double doors, you are at the back of the office.

Please call me at 949.305.1703 if you are lost. My cell number is 619.341.4341, so you can also text that number if you’d like.

**You are always welcome to bring ear phones/ear plugs any time you come in for therapy.**

PLEASE PLAN ON BEING WITH ME FOR 1.5-2.5 HOURS DURING YOUR FIRST VISIT.  Follow-up visits are a minimum of 45 minutes.  You’ll be asked to stay longer if I don’t need the table or if I don’t need to take care of my children. If you need to leave at a certain time, please always tell me at the beginning of your time with me and please put your own alarm on your phone.


***The acupuncture treatment will be given during your initial consultation. It is not an option to pay for the consultation and receive the first treatment without cost on another date. If you have a specific time frame to leave, please inform me at the beginning of our consultation.

PLEASE USE THE RESTROOM BEFORE YOUR TREATMENT.  If you have to use the restroom during your treatment, then the treatment is done. 

I am grateful for your serious interests in my services as a healer.  

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to help you GRADUATE or, at least, significantly improve all of your health concerns AND guide you along the path of exceptional health.  


Please watch our 139 videos! These are listed from most recently posted. 

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I have received 274+ Yelp reviews and more testimonials. I love to share my success with my patients to inspire hope, confidence and determination for a happier, healthier world.  Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to serve you.

Make sure that you have eaten a meal.  Do not consume any caffeine prior to your treatments (if you can help it), so that you can receive the full relaxation benefits of the treatment.  Do not come in to your treatment hungry.  Drink plenty of water throughout the day before you come in.  DO NOT DO ANY RECREATIONAL DRUGS OR DRINK ANY ALCOHOL ON THE DAY OF YOUR ACUPUNCTURE THERAPY.  These requests to eat prior to your treatment are VERY IMPORTANT.

I am here to listen to you as a healthcare professional.  I hope you have really high expectations from me because I expect to exceed whatever it is you want for us to achieve together.  Thank you for your time, energy and patronage.  It is my great pleasure to serve you.


Your Healing is Our Success!


I wish you Greatness!

Anna Dolopo

California Licensed and National Board Certified Acupuncturist

Gold Level Certified Dr. Tan’s Balance Method Acupuncturist

Ba-Zi Practitioner Dr. Tan Graduate


274+ Yelp Reviews & MANY Testimonials

Proudly serving Southern California since 1999.


Providing Excellence in the field of Chinese medicine!


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