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Multiple Health Issues
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Marisa E.

Irvine, CA

5 Stars​​


I found Anna back in December 2018. I had just gotten dental work done that had sent me into a world of pain and the prescription pain meds weren't working. I decided to give acupuncture a try and found Anna on Yelp. She was thankfully able to squeeze me in that day (2 days before Christmas).

Aside from the tooth pain that she was able to get rid of in the first two sessions (I went two days in a row as she suggested), I also have an array of other health issues. I have: Celiac Disease, gastritis, multiple food intolerances, IBS, colitis, neuropathy issues/sciatica, PCOS, painful and pre-menopausal periods that were also MIA, fertility issues getting pregnant, UTIs, interstitial cystitis, sulfur issues, candida, SIBO, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, malabsorption, MDs now think I have Lupus, and the list goes on. I'm a mess. Anna sat down and explained my health in relation to TCM and also how it was effecting my teeth. At the time I didn't realize that acupuncture and herbs could be so beneficial to the body and balance out what was going on. Because Anna was able to take care of my tooth pain, I continued to see her on and off over the months; however, I continued to see my other Functional MD. I focused my work with Anna for pain management and painful periods.

In June, after a lot of research, frustration with my current practitioner and all the supplements that I was on that weren't doing much for me... and a LOT of prayer, I took a leap of faith and decided to give Anna and acupuncture my full attention for my treatment. Whenever I had seen Anna for whatever ailment I currently had, she had never disappointed me and was able to take care of the pain and discomfort. I decided there must be something to this whole acupuncture thing, and Anna could in fact help me regain my health.

Anna recommends all her patients get a book called Healing with Whole Foods (by Paul Pitchford) and she goes through it and helps guide you on how to eat to heal in conjunction with acupuncture. Acupuncture is also very relaxing. I won't lie, it took me a long time to get past the needles, but once you do, it's amazing how relaxing the treatment is! I am a SAHM and have a busy toddler, and being sick while taking care of a little one and running the house can be stressful and take its toll on my body. So seeing Anna twice a week at least and having that time to relax and decompress has really been a game changer on my mood and I leave Anna's office feeling energized, which is huge for me. I'm also seeing improvements in other areas of my health. The more I do acupuncture with Anna and continue to eat well, I know I will continue to heal! Anna genuinely cares about her patients; she always asks me if I'm happy, and she genuinely cares!

Anna is amazing. If you're in pain or are suffering, don't wait or procrastinate. She is busy, she is gifted and she can help you! I cannot recommend her enough.

Thank you Anna, for EVERYTHING you do! You're like super woman, and I'm so grateful for you!

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