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Successful VBAC 2021

“Thank you, Anna, for the 2 labor inducement treatments last Friday and Monday. They worked as baby girl arrived yesterday - healthy and got my successful VBAC.

Feel free to share the photo or use on your website. In case you need details:

First treatment with you was at 37 weeks and 5 days. Saw results of my swelling in feet and hands reduce 50% by day 2.

Second treatment 38 weeks and 1 day. Water broke 2 days later Wednesday and she arrived Thursday at 10:24am. Avoided C-section scheduled for the following week October 26th.”

Doctor gave patient permission for me to naturally prepare mommy for birth, as mommy wanted a vaginal birth after cesarean. Mommy followed my protocol.

kim's daughter vbac.jpeg
vbac african-american-infant-baby-lying-on-bed-while-mother-hands-pull-up-picture-id127572
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