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Melany - Our Friend, Nanny & Amazing Life Manager

I went online to see what people go through when their nannies move forward with their lives. I didn't see much on how I feel, so I thought I would post here.

We have had the most amazing time for over a year with our amazing life manager, Melany. She has been incredibly perfect for our family.

I'm a bit cried out, but I thought I'd at least share what I wrote on a private FB forum that she is included in.

For those of you who love your nanny as much as we do, I feel your pain. At the same time, we are hopeful that all will work out for the best and we are absolutely happy that Melany gets to be with her own children. That makes us super happy.

Here's my little toast to our incredible savior:

I broke open a bottle of wine tonight. I've been eating 90% less carbs in recent weeks and have slimmed down. Tonight though, I gave myself a cheat night.

Melany Barendt, you've been so good to us. We want everything great for you as you move back north. We love you and will miss seeing your beautiful smile every day.

Having a woman in your life who knows exactly how to manage your house, kids and office is rare diamond.

It is my greatest intention to drive 5 hours once a month to see you with our kids. Drew Dolopo and I definitely want Tommy to know you for the rest of his life, so he knows who really helped mommy and daddy when we needed you the most.

We are happy for you. We are sad for ourselves. Out of greediness I wish things would stay the same, but I have to believe that just as things are going to be super awesome for you to be with your girls again, things will get even better for us for our own sanity.

You've been a blessing beyond measure in our lives. I hope that we keep seeing each other when you drive down to SoCal and I hope that I really get my shit together to bring the kids to see you in your new land.

With all our hearts, Melany.

Love, Tommy, Nice Nice, Gily Beans, Drew, Pikachu, Bishop and Me

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